jüSTa Hotels & Resorts
Luxury Boutique Hotels in India

jüSTa is a Sanskrit word, which means 'to welcome' to your home. At jüSTa hotels, this warm invitation of Indian hospitality meets international standards of luxury. The experience is further enhanced by Deepika Govind's unique handcrafted design for each jüSTa property. We believe in individualized service - therefore each of our hotels has less than 65 rooms.

About Us

The logo denotes a tree, which is an eternal symbol of life. As the tree provides shelter, so too does jüSTa. The green of the tree enhances jüSTa, making it a green brand. Designed by Mrinal Dey from Shantineketan a young, talented painter from Shantineketan, the logo is augmented by a vertical strata of rainbow colours, the hues of which are reflected in the art, fabric and furnishings used at jüSTa.

jüSTa Brand Ambition

The ambition of the jüSTa brand is to be developed as an inspirational Indian brand which is aspirational, delivering outstanding contemporary experience. In this clutter of international and local brands, we aim at creating a special niche for Small Luxury Hotels , allowing jüSTa to be international in every way, with an Indian identity.

jüSTa Pillars of the Brand

Lavish and opulent environs for the artistically inclined merge with the impressive softness of natural light to offer tangible luxury. Every piece of furniture, furnishing and décor allow the senses to enjoy luxury of an extremely high comfort.

Everything at jüSTa is modern and fashionable. Its luxury is seamless and efficient, yet extremely comfortable. Every detail has been individually treated with a sense of aesthetics, transcending functionality, transforming the daily experience into pleasure. This present-day lifestyle is supported by a wide range of services: complimentary wireless internet connection, a restaurant with delicious cuisine and 24 hour room service.

Surrounded by tranquil green environs, jüSTa isolates you from the noisy hustle and bustle of the outside world. It creates a Luxurious haven, where ‘Green’ becomes a continuous thread throughout the jüSTa experience.

For jüSTa, art is more than just décor. It believes that art is the ultimate expression of a culture. At jüSTa, each piece of art reflects a dimension of the Indian culture, traditional or emerging. Unique art pieces have been integrated in jüSTa’s experience and play an dynamic role in delivering the brand that is distinctively India.

jüSTa <br> <span>Corporate Values </span>

Corporate Values

At Justa, corporate values are much more than a programme or a policy – they define who we are and inform the decisions we make. The company’s guiding principle is the Golden Rule – to treat others as you wish to be treated – and as such, Justa strives to have a long-lasting, positive influence on the environment where we operate and on the people we employ and serve .

Who We Are     Who We Are

We have chosen to specialize within the hospitality industry by offering only experiences of exceptional quality. Our objective is to be recognized as the company that manages the Small Luxury hotels & Resorts clubs wherever we locate. We create properties of enduring value using superior design and finishes, and support them with a deeply instilled ethic of personal service. Doing so allows Justa to satisfy the needs and tastes of our discriminating customers, and to maintain our position a Small Luxury Hotel Company.

What We Believe     What We Believe

Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is our people. We believe that each of us needs a sense of dignity, pride and satisfaction in what we do. Because satisfying our guests depends on the united efforts of many, we are most effective when we work together cooperatively, respecting each other’s contribution and importance

How We Succeed     How We Succeed

We succeed when every decision is based on a clear understanding of and belief in what we do, and when we couple this conviction with sound financial planning. We expect to achieve a fair and reasonable profit to ensure the prosperity of the company and to offer long-term benefits to our hotel owners, our customers and our employees.

How We Behave     How We Behave

We demonstrate our beliefs most meaningfully in the way we treat each other and by the example we set for one another. In all our interactions with our guests, customers, business associates and colleagues, we seek to deal with others as we would have them deal with us.

Service Values     Service Values

Our goals, beliefs and principles are the foundation of the work we do on behalf of our guests every day.

Ashish Vohra

Ashish Vohra, Founder & CEO

With over 20 years of experience with The Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, Ashish has handled leadership positions in marketing, branding, sales, strategy, and finance. Ashish founded jüSTa Hotels & Resorts on 15th August 2005. Since then, the company has grown organically through a mixture of own hotels, revenue share & management contracts. Ashish has also played the important role of a consulting director for a few reputed international hotels based in India and had a stint as the Representative Director of Leading Hotels of The World for India.

Rohit Katyal

Rohit Katyal, National Sales Head, India

Rohit Katyal is born and brought up in Delhi and is a Graduate from College of Vocational Studies, Delhi University and an MBA from Indira Gandhi University. He carries 18 years of hospitality experience and has worked at hospitality brands like The Oberoi Group of Hotels, Shangri-La, New Delhi and Le-Meridian New Delhi before joining jüSTa Hotels in 2008. He has provided leadership for the management of jüSTa Hotels in Delhi-NCR. He is a firm believer that people are the most valuable asset for organizations. Rohit has been the face jüSTa at various travel trade fairs and has increased the visibility of the brand on-line.

Melvin Prem

Melvin Prem, Head of Business Operations, Karnataka

Melvin supports in leading the sales team in Bangalore and has been around at jüSTa since 2008. His has convinced key corporates to patronize jüSTa. At times, he has also supported the operations team when it mattered most. Sometimes also imparting training. Prior to joining jüSTa, he has served around 6 years in Firstsource - one of India's foremost BPOs as a Trainer for UK based Telecom Giants. He is a UK certified fraud analyst in Telecom as well.

Naveen Vishen

Naveen Vishen, Head of Operations, NCR

Naveen is a BSc graduate from the UK University and comes with over 13 years of experience. He has worked with well established hotel brands in Delhi such as Le Meridien, Radisson & Uppal's Orchid Hotel before joining jüSTa since 2008. His core competences lie in the operations department and is excellent in his relations with both guests as well as the team members. Over the years he has proven to be one of the most dependable person. His passion is to treat every guest as a VVIP.

A. Khan

A. Khan, Group Head, Accounts & Finance

With over 30 years of experience behind him, Mr. Khan has been with jüSTa Hotels since 2008 and oversees the financial aspect of the business across the chain. Prior to joining jüSTa Hotels, he has worked with Mercury Travels for a long time. A native of Patna, he has made Bangalore his home.

Atal Bajpai

Atal Bajpai, Head Sales, Rajasthan Cluster

Atal is one of the most tenured members of the jüSTa group having joined when the group launched its’ first hotel in Delhi in 2006. He has, with his outstanding performances risen through the ranks and now handles the Sales efforts at The Jehan which is a destination for weddings and conventions. He is a native of Lucknow and has made Delhi as his professional base.

Asset Optimization & Advisory Services     Asset Optimization & Advisory Services

  • jüSTa Asset Optimization & Advisory Services aims to assist Hotel Owners to achieve Optimization of their investment.
  • We offer comprehensive end to end services from Asset Planning, Development, Brand Compliance, Operations Set up & Monitoring of Hotel Operations.
  • We also offer 'tailor-made' services to existing Hotels for Upgrading, Brand associations or continuity of Independent Operations with improved efficiency & preparedness for competition.

Market Share and Profit & Loss Optimization Services     Market Share and Profit & Loss Optimization Services

  • Market Review & Pricing Strategy: Analysis of competition review, demand drivers & market segments in the competitive market to arrive at Pricing strategy for all services.
  • Business Plan Documentation: Facilitate this critical exercise to finalize documentation to set key Hotel targets and the path to achieve them.
  • Revenue & Costs or Profit optimization: Facilitate overall revenue & cost planning to drive incremental revenues, benchmarking costs & eliminating wastage for improved profits.

Development & Project     Development & Project

  • Consultants Review: Provide review for finalization of Hotel consultants, scope of work & fees.
  • Design Review: Review of project design to ensure compliance to Brand standards, work flows, energy efficiency, nonduplication of services, assisting in brand compliance waiver, if required.
  • Project Budget: Review of project budgets for improved returns.
  • Design Compliance Review: During project execution & provide solutions & provide solutions on 'site issues', if any, to ensure brand compliance.
  • Pre Opening Services: Preparation of Operation equipment, Pre-opening & Market launch Budgets based on operations review, launch period & competition bench marking.

jüSTa Green Initiatives1

We believe in sustainable growth & have taken the following steps to reduce global warming, carbon footprint, energy & water usage, and waste:

  • Solar & bio-fuel hot water system.
  • Recycling of linen & towels.
  • Waste segregation into compost-able & recyclable waste.
  • CFL & LED lightning & use of energy star rated products.
  • Window films to reduce energy used for heating & cooling.
  • Procurement of recycled materials.
  • Procurement through organic fair trade, cruelty free process, & child labour free products & services.
  • Use of environment friendly cleaning agents, sanitizers, & paints.
  • Emphasis on natural light in lobby & common areas.
  • Rain water harvesting.